How to Setup Canon MX450 Wireless Printer?

Setup Canon MX450 Wireless Printer

If you’re wondering how to Setup Canon MX450 Wireless Printer, take a look at the following guide.

Step 1: Connect Preparation

Please make sure your printing device is activated. After the device powers on, the green colored energy button will shine.

Step 2: Setup Canon MX450 Printer

  • On your printing device, press the installation button.
  • Use your printer’s left or right arrow buttons to select device configurations.
  • Pess the OK button.
  • Wireless LAN configuration is selected.
  • Press the OK button again.
  • Select wireless LAN configuration now.
  • Choose Ok now.

Step 3 will switch on the blue-colored Wi-Fi lamp:

Setup process selection The printer will begin searching for the router that promotes Wireless Protected Setup.

Step 4: WPS Push Button Method

  • Click and hold the WPS button on your router. Take a look at your router handbook to understand the information of how to click the WPS button.
  • Press the OK button after two minutes. Your printer’s Wi-Fi light will begin blinking while connecting to the network or while searching for a connecting network.
  • When the left panel opens, press the Ok button.
  • Now click the copy button.

So, that’s how you Setup Canon MX450 Wireless Printer.

If you are unable to Setup Canon MX450 Wireless Printer? Dial +1-833-639-7277 for Canon MX450 Wireless Printer Setup and Connect Canon MX450 Printer to Wifi Online .