How to Setup Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer?

Steps to Setup Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer:

In this paper we will clarify how to setup canon ts9120 wireless printer to get the window computer system to print wirelessly and scan the document. There is some precondition for connecting your canon ts9120 wireless printer, first you need to link your canon printer to a wireless network and you need to download and install the required or compatible driver on the window.

We described the step-by-step procedure for setting up your wireless printer canon ts9120. We split this article into two sections.

Easy Steps to canon ts9120 printer Setup :

Step 1: You need to begin your simple wireless connection on the printer first and then begin the next installation operation.

Step 2: Be sure to begin your printer first, if your printer’s power is on, your printer’s power led will light up. If your printer does some procedure such as cleaning, printing head alignment or some other method, first let it be full. If the home button appears on the left side of the display of your computer, press the home button. If any mistake is displayed, click the OK button and repeat it again.

Step 3: You must now click on the Wi-Fi button on the screen.

Step 4: After clicking on the LAN setting button, click on

Step 5: After entering the LAN configuration, click on the wireless LAN option

Step 6: Now you get three choices, WLAN active / inactive, Wireless LAN setup, Wireless LAN setup

Step 7: So you need to click on Wireless LAN setup

Step 8: Now you’ll get four choices.

Step 9: Now you’ll get another desktop or smartphone setting window. etc. OK?You need to press’ Yes’ Step 10: The printer operation starts on the screen, you need to wait until it is finished, when the printer operation is finished, you will get another window that says’ follow computer or smartphone.etc directions to execute operation.’

Now you have to go back to the screen of the installation application and continue with the installation. First component is now complete, the setup file must now be downloaded and run.

Steps to Download the Setup File and Install manually :

Find the connection to download the setup, you will receive a message to save this setup file if you are using the internet explorer now that you need to click on the setup startup.

Step 1: Now you need to select the appropriate region to continue setup, normally you need to select’ USA, Canada, Latin America’ if your country is not listed in

Step 2: Now you’ll get the license screen of your setup, you need to select’ Yes’ to continue setup, click’ No’ to abort setup

Step 3: Now you’ll get’ Agree’ and’ Don’t agree’ to this study.

Step 4 : Now you will get firewall setting window, where you will select the ‘Next’ option

Step 5 : After clicking on the next button, you will get ‘check connection method’ window, where you need to choose ‘yes’ option to continue your setup

Step 6 : If setup continue, If you are getting the ‘select wireless router screen(below) appears, you need to select ‘wireless router’ to connect your printer, where you need to enter your network key and click the next button to continue.

Note: This screen display above depends on the network setting of your router

Step 7: Now the data page appears, this indicates that your network link is momentarily disabled throughout the configuration, you need to wait for some time

Step 8: Now you’ll get the’ network connection full’ screen, where you need to press the’ next’ button

Step 9: now the’ test print screen’ will appear next, if you need more data.

Step 10: Now you’ll get the’ Setup Complete’ window, where you need to click on’ Next’

Step 11: Now you need to select any required optional application software, either clear all the check boxes, or select one of them and click next

Step 12: Click Next

Step 13: Now you’ll either press next or skip

Step 14: Click’ Exit’

This is the complete step by step procedure to Setup Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer