How to Setup Canon Pixma MX474 Wireless Printer?

Setup Canon Pixma MX474 Wireless Printer

If you’re searching for wireless printer setup instructions for your Canon Pixma MX474, read below. Here you’ll learn how to adjust your printer to the environments of the plant. There are certain access points that are fitted with a WPS button. WPS is a safe Wi-Fi configuration.

This allows devices like PIXMA MX474 to connect to the network without having to put in the password and also offers an easy way to connect the equipment. This is the simplest way to communicate. If you do not have a WPS button on your access point, you can use the conventional technique of attachment provided below for Setup Canon Pixma MX474 Wireless Printer.

WPS Connection Method:

To use the WPS push button method, you need to follow certain circumstances before moving forward.

The access point must have its own WPS button. Please look at the device’s user guide information. If the wi-fi protected installation button is not accessible, the instructions provided in the normal security configuration must be followed.

Using Wi-Fi Protected Access or some other security protocol like WPA2 is essential for your network.

Step 1: To set up canon pixma MX474 wireless printer, click the Setup button on your printer.

Step 2: Use wireless LAN configuration and then pick all right.

Step 3: The WPS setup will be displayed on your printer afterwards. Press the WPS button for the next 3 seconds after reading this message.

Step 4: Keep holding your router’s WPS button now. Read closely the manual that came with your router to get complete information on how to use WPS on your router.

Step 5: After two minutes, press OK on your printer.

The LED light will flash in blue when your printer starts searching for an internet connection. Once the link is formed, the link will appear on the screen. Click OK after that.

If another screen opens, go to the user guide to troubleshoot. So, the WPS operation was all about that. Start installing your PIXMA MX474 software now.

If you don’t have the installation disk that arrived with the printer, you can go to the manuals and software.

If after following the WPS manual, you have to get in contact with the Canon team to get all the help. So, that’s how you set up wireless printer canon pixma MX474.
Standard Connection Procedure:

Install Canon Pixma MX474 Wireless PrinterPress on your printer configuration button.

• Choose the wireless LAN configuration and then click OK. • Press the reset or stop button now.

• The normal setup screen will be displayed after installing the canon pixma MX474 wireless printer. Click all right. Now, all the wireless networks accessible in the neighboring place will be looked for by printer.

• Use your arrow keys to select your network name and twice in a row pick the ok button.

• If you are not sure about the Wi-Fi network, your access point can be viewed by checking the network name on the PC or the linked device.

• If you have trouble locating the network, use the arrow keys to select the network you are searching for. After that, pick the OK button when setting up canon pixma MX474 wireless printer.

• Use the numeric buttons on the screen to enter your wireless network password when the screen opens.

• The printing machine has three modes in total, including the reduced case, upper case and numerical mode.

• Press: A for the uppercase mode,:a for the lowercase mode and the number mode:1 above the display.

• After entering your password, click ok. Then a screen will open and the connection will appear.

• So, the Wi-Fi operation was all about. Now proceed with the installation of the PIXMA MX474 software.

If you are unable to Setup Canon Pixma MX474 Wireless Printer, Dial +1-844-997-0355 for Canon Pixma MX474 Wireless Printer Setup and Connect Canon MX474 Printer to Wifi .