How to Setup Canon Pixma MG3022?

Setup Canon Pixma MG3022 Printer

Most of you’ve never performed a Canon Printer cable-free installation. This brief guide will assist you Setup Canon Pixma MG3022 for use on a Wireless LAN. A easy and fast strategy to setting up the printer for use on a Wi-Fi or Wireless network is the cableless installation technique.

This is an simple technique to use when installing for the first time, linking the printer to other pcs on the network, or re-establishing a network link after a shift in router or network.

To set up canon pixma mg3022 and connect to the Windows desktop, merely follow the directions below.

Steps for setting up Canon Pixma MG3022/MG3020 for Wireless LAN use:

Run the setup program and follow the on-screen directions along with the choices needed.

Step 1: Access the page of Setup. Click the Download key to download the configuration file or insert the Setup CD-ROM in the CD Drive of the computer.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a printer setup window that provides you three options:

• Start Setup: the software enables you to use the device from the desktop by selecting this option.

• Useful Software: This option will install the software that makes it easier for you to use the machine.

• Online manual: The internet handbook is available for reference.

• In addition, if you want to complete the process, you can choose the preferred linguistic choice or pick the Exit button.
Use the Start Setup option to jump to the next portion.

Step 3: Next, by choosing the nation or region, you must pick the location of your residence. Then press the button Next.

Step 4: Before installing the Canon product, read carefully the license agreement shown to you, indicating the terms and conditions. If you agree with the agreed agreement, click the Yes button.

Step 5: Next, an sophisticated study program will be shown. Select the button given to Agree or Do Not Agree.

Step 6: Firewall settings will be displayed. This Firewall block can be activated or deactivated in the Windows Firewall feature. Click the Next button here.

Step 7: Next, the name of the connection method with the details of the wireless router used by your printer will be displayed. Also shown in the installation program is the real model series number. Select Yes and proceed to the Connection Method.

Step 8: Now choose the wireless router you want the printer to be connected to. For any chosen router network, you will be shown a list of wireless router, you can enter the Network Key(password). Other wireless networks can also be added manually.

Click the Next button to finish the step.

Note: The attached router screen and its configuration settings are displayed.
Another screen appears until the link to the router is established and finished. Wait for the moment.

Step 9: A “Network Connection Completed” message will be displayed as the printer is attached to the network. Click the choice Next.

Step 10: The printer setup will finally be completed and an option will be displayed to mark the connected printer as the default printer. Click the button Next.

Step 11: You can pick them if you want to pick any required software application(optional). (Defaults, Clear All or checkbox). Click Next and exit.

If you are unable to Setup Canon Pixma MG3022 Printer by Dial +1-844-200-2814 for Canon Pixma MG3022 Wireless Printer Setup and Connect Canon Pixma MG3t022 Printer to Wifi .