How to Setup Canon MX712 Printer?

Connect Canon MX712 Printer to Wifi

Canon PIXMA MX712 All – in-one is a wireless inkjet printer that offers elevated print velocity, quality and enhanced home and office productivity. In addition to the convenience of the user, the MX712 is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi feature that allows users to easily print from home or office using a compatible computer or mobile device from anywhere. Some excellent characteristics like AirPrint enable wireless printing of papers, pictures, emails, web pages via any iPod touch, iPad or iPhone device compatible.

Additional characteristics such as 35 Duplex Auto Document Feeder, Auto Duplex Printing, and Dual Function Panel are incorporated into the Canon MX712 All-in – One printer to ease multitasking, bringing professional effectiveness and reducing printing expenses.

Steps to Setup Canon MX712 Printer for Windows:

Use the application software or Windows Start menu to open the printer driver setup window.

Using Application Software, open the Printer Driver Setup Window to follow the steps given to configure the printing profile.

1. Use the application software

2. to select the command to print. Click the Print option to open the Print dialog box in the File menu.

3. Choose the name of your model and click on its preferences.

4. The setup window for the printer driver is shown on the screen.

Note: The names of commands or menu names may vary depending on the software you are using.

Open Printer Driver Setup Window Using Start Menu: Follow the directions provided to execute machine maintenance activities such as cleaning print heads or configuring a print profile.

• Select Start menu choices depending on the OS version you have installed: • Select Start menu > > Devices and Printers for Windows 7.

• Choose Start menu > > Control Panel > > Hardware and Sound > > Printers for Windows Vista.

• Choose Start > > Control Panel > > Printers and Other Hardware > > Printers and Faxes for Windows XP.

• Now pick Printing preferences for the chosen printer model from the right-click choices displayed.

Steps to Setup Canon MX712 Printer for Mac:

Follow the steps given to install Canon Printer on your Mac OS X.

Step 1: If you’ve already tried installing the driver, remove it from the preferences / system preferences panel of the printers and fax system. Open Library > > The Canon folder is printed and deleted.

Delete any other documents linked to the Canon printer setup. If you have other Canon printers installed and work on your Mac, make sure that the fresh installation files are selected properly before they are trashed.

Step 2: Empty the folder of garbage before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 3: Unplug the machine of the printer.

Step 4: Download the recent version of the driver and operate the package installer.

Step 5: Select system preferences by pressing the Apple icon at the top right of the screen as the package has been effectively installed.

Step 6: Replug and switch on the printer.

Step 7: Open the preferences for print and fax in the “Print and Fax” section.

Step 8: Click the plus (“+”) on the left side of the window to add a printer. Now in the list should appear the freshly installed printer. Choose the printer you want. Make sure you’ve installed the recent Canon printer version on your recent Mac OS version.

Step 9: Click on the Canon printer model you’ve installed and then click Choose a Driver or Printer Model > > Select Printer Software. Now select your printer from the list shown.

Step 10: Click OK. Now install and work your printer effectively.

Steps For Setup Canon MX712 Printer:

Step 1: Press the Menu button on your Canon PIXMA MX712 printer.

Step 2: Choose Settings and click OK.

Step 3: Select the settings of the device and click OK.

Step 4: Select the configuration of the LAN and click OK.

Step 5: Change the option wireless / wired and click OK.

Step 6: Select active Wireless LAN and click OK.

Step 7: Select configurations for the Wireless LAN and click the OK button.

Step 8: Choose the option to configure WPS and click the OK button.

Step 9: Now select the technique of the push button and click the button OK.

Step 10: Press the OK button on the device as the access point is prepared to work, then press the WPS button on the access point within two minutes.

Step 11: Once the device LCD displays the completion screen, press the OK button. You will be shown the LAN configuration screen.

Step 12: If the setup is not finished within two minutes, a timeout error will be displayed.

Step 13: Depending on the type of access point, the WPS button may have a different name.

Once all these steps have been completed, using a wireless link, you can use PIXMA MX712 to print your office or home employment.

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