How to Setup Canon MG5320 Wireless Printer?

Setup Canon MG5320 Wireless Printer

Preparation for Linking the Multifunction To the Network.

Network Necessities:

Before connecting the machine to the network, make sure the computer and access point or router settings are embedded and the computer is connected to the network.

Wireless Connectivity:

The computer must be connected to the network before creating the machine’s link to the network. Ensure the computer and access point or router settings are incorporated.

Note: It is not viable to have an “Ad-hoc link,” which establishes a direct link to the desktop via a wireless connection without using an access point.

Points Regarding Network Connectivity:

The network device’s settings, router features, configuration configurations, and safety settings vary according to your system environment. Use the instruction manual of your device to create contacts with your supplier for requirements.

Refer to your network administrator in an office setting

If you connect to a network that is not protected by security measures, there is a possibility of disclosing to a mediator data such as your personal facts.

Place the machine and computer on the analogous division of the network.

Drivers & Software Installation:

Software Establishments

To use the machine by connecting to the computer, it is necessary to set up software that includes the drivers to the hard disk of the laptop. It takes about half an hour to set up the operation. (Installation time changes depending on the computer setting or the number of software applications to be set up).

Install the PIXMA MG5320 on your Wireless Network:

If you initially set up your printer on your network, step-by-step wireless setup monitoring will be incorporated into the software installation routine that is shipped with your PIXMA.

Following the insertion into your CD-ROM drive of the Setup CD-ROM that came along with your printer, go ahead with the easy to follow directions. In no moment will you print wirelessly. Use the Connection Method Selection screen to select Wireless Connection.

If you are unable to locate your CD-ROM, you can install the Mini Master Setup MG5300 series, which has the same step-by-step setup procedure as the CD-ROM, by following the following instructions:

• Access the PIXMA MG5320 page.
• Drivers & Downloads click here.
• If the working system of your computer is not immediately identified, select it from the drop-down menu.
• In the Drivers section, right-click Select the Mini Master Setup listing on the correct.
• To save the file to your desktop, select the Download button.
• Upon completion of the setup phase, double-click the file to begin from the download location*. the installation.

If you are unable to Setup Canon MG5320 Wireless Printer, just dial +1-844-200-2814 for Canon MG5320 Wireless Printer Setup and Connect Canon MG5320 Printer to Wifi