How to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Guide to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

In canon printers, blank page printing is a prevalent issue. Canon printers have cartridges of 2 or 4 +. This problem usually happens when there is no ink in the cartridge, or because the cartridge blocks the vacuum. To solve this problem of your printer printing blank pages, you can use the following steps.

  • Open My PC < Control Panel < Devices and printers on your desktop monitor.
  • Right press on the name of your printer and select properties.
  • Check device settings inside the characteristics of your printer and click preferences.
  • Click on services and select clean printhead under the preferences option.
  • This alternative may need to be used several times before the printhead is fully cleaned.

Following are Some Other Issues That Cause Your Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages;

Breather Tape-The breather tape should be removed instantly as it stops the ink from blocking from the vacuum in the cartridge, which stops the ink from being printed on paper, leading in blank page printing.

Install a new cartridge before it runs dry-You should immediately replace it with a new cartridge if your printer gives warning signs of low cartridge. If you overlook the warning sign for the ink level of the printer, it will begin to introduce air into the blocking nozzle of the print. impediment of air entering the printer’s nozzle will stop the printer from printing blank pages. The process may not be totally stopped, but the blockage of a few nozzles may simply cause you to get lines through the

Using Low Quality and Third Party Generic Ink Cartridges-If you do not use the correct ink and instead use a low-quality third-party ink, the chances of blocking the print nozzle increase. If the ink is not comparable to cannon inks, there is a chance of malfunction and numerous risk of malfunction. This is because the printer ink must operate at the correct speed and must also be formulated in order not to condense or dry too quickly.

How to Prevent This Issue: The rules for coping with this issue are to be kept in mind;

1. This enables the ink to flow through the printhead constantly. It will assist the printer prevent the ink from sitting in the nozzle and block it.

2. Use only high-quality generic cartridges Use of high-quality generic cartridge. Use of high-quality ink can generate high-quality printouts and proper viscosity that will not shock or block print nozzles.

3. Make sure the printer’s position is cool.
It is recommended to position your printer near a cool location because if the printer is not in use, it is possible that the ink may coagulate or solidify within the printhead. Locate the printer away from windows and move the printer to a cooler place to avoid any obstacles.

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