How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 005 ?

Fix Canon Printer Error Code 005

Canon Printers are one of the most popular printers used in offices, companies and homes in the world. Canon printers are extremely reliable devices with multipurpose characteristics such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. These printers also suffer from their usual technical failures, however, like any other devices. Some of the issues are linked to hardware, some are linked to technical issues, and some are inner error codes. The error 005 is a popular error code faced by most customers while using the Canon Printers. Let’s find out the cause and how to solve the issue below.

Causes of Canon Printer Error Code 005

When you reset your Canon printer, the error code 005 will appear. The possible causes for this mistake are as follows:

  • The recipient at the other end did not reply to the fax within 35 seconds
  • The recipient does not reply
  • The receiving device is not a G3 fax
  • You did not correctly install the Canon printer.
  • You haven’t properly mounted the printer drive.
  • The printer cable connector has a issue
  • Your Canon printer is not compatible with your scheme.

How to resolve Canon Printer Error Code 005?

You can attempt to solve your own 005 error code. Incase, if the issue persists, get professional assistance.

Please find directions below to solve the problem, depending on the causes listed above.

Method 1 Make sure you dial the right fax number for cause 1. Check for any access codes that your mobile system might need.

Method 2 For cause 2, ensure that the machine of the recipient can communicate at the other end. Only then again do you submit your fax.

Method 3 To find out if their fax / printing device is G3 fax or not, call the other party.

If these methods do not work out, try the following basic methods:

  • Uninstall and reinstall the printer software.
  • Check the cable connector. If it is damaged get a new one.
  • Also, check the connector plug and clean it.
  • Properly mount the cable connector on the wall outlet and connect it tight with the system and the printer.
  • Check the requirements of the system and make it compatible with the Canon printer.

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