How to Fix Canon Pixma IX4000 5 Flashes Error?

Fix Canon Pixma IX4000 5 Flashes Error

If you are searching for a method to solve your Canon Pixma IX4000 printer flashes error problem, the appropriate connection has been opened. Here we are available to help you get rid of this problem with the perfect solution.

Phase 1: If your Canon Pixma IX4000 printer is attached but switched off to a power source. Click and hold the cancel or restart button. Now, press the power button and continue to hold it.

Phase 2: Until the LED lights turn green, do not remove the keys. The green LED light shows you can pick the element.

Phase 3: Once holding the Power button, click the cancel button and restart twice. Then release simultaneously both the Power button and the resume button. The LED lights will change the color from green to red, and yellow to blue.

Phase 4: If the light turns green, push the resume button 4 times in that situation. The LED lights will switch differently every time you push the cancel button. The first light to show up is going to be red.

Phase 5: When the LED lights are green in colour, press the power button to get rid of the Canon Pixma IX4000 printer flashes malfunction. Now, the process of resetting will begin. The printer must return to the menu selection mode once the reset process is completed.

Phase 6: Now you need to click the power button again to get out of the service mode.

Note: When you press the power button more than four times in a row when performing the fourth step, then you will have to press the cancel button 10 times in a row in such a situation, so that it immediately returns to the fourth step.

Fix Canon Pixma IX4000 5 Flashes Error by Dial Our Toll-Free Number

So, these are some of the steps you need to take to get rid of your Canon Pixma IX4000 flashes malfunction. If you can’t solve this issue yet, you can get in touch with the technical support department of the canon printer.

If you are unable to Fix Canon Pixma IX4000 5 Flashes Error, just dial +1-844-200-2814 for Fix Canon Pixma IX4000 5 Flashes Error and Canon pixma Orange, Green light flashing