How to Connect Canon TS3122 Printer to WiFi?

Canon ts3122 setup and Canon ts3122 wireless setup

Canon ts3122 setup is All-In-One pixma Printer which can help you to fulfill your different printing requirements. In addition to printing, you can also copy and scan your documents by using this printer.Canon ts3122 setup Printer allows you to connect it to your Wi-Fi wireless network. Everyone in your house or office can share this printer from anywhere without installing the cable. Use this process to connect your printer to a Wi-Fi wireless network and use it wirelessly.

How to Connect Canon TS3122 Printer to WiFi ?

If you’re looking forward to understanding how to link Canon Printer to the wireless network, some of the points you need to follow are listed below.

Please guarantee that your Wi-Fi router is accessible and correctly configured before linking your printer to the wireless network. In addition, your computer system must be linked to the wireless network.

Steps to canon pixma ts3122 setup

Step 1: You must ensure that your printer is linked to the energy source and turned on in the first step to connect Canon TS3122 Printer to Wi-Fi. When the printer is switched on, the green light right next to the energy button will light up.

Step 2: If the energy light begins to flash, check the printer now, then press the Stop button. After that, until the wireless icon begins flashing, click and hold the network button on your printing machine.

Step 3: Now you’ll see a blue colored button on your wireless router to connect Canon TS3122 Printer to Wi-Fi. That button is the button of the WPS. Click that button. You must do it on your canon ts3122 setup Printer within two minutes of activating WPS.

Step 4: When the printer’s display screen displays wireless icons and signal bars simultaneously, your printer will be linked to the Wi-Fi router.

Step 5: Insert the CD that joined the canon pixma ts3122 setup into your computer system to install the software. By entering the internet address, you can also download the setup file.

Step 6: Click on the connections to download the software for your printer, such as Read online handbook, setup, commonly asked questions.

Step 7: Open the downloaded file on your desktop. Click the configuration to begin. The installation software will attempt to obtain the recent software and driver updates information. It will take some time. Now select your residence location and then click on next.

Step 8: You will see the license agreement screen before you. Click yes to proceed with the installation process.

Now, Canon ts3122 wifi setup Online

Step 9: Now, a survey program screen will appear to link canon pixma ts3122 wireless setup, this is an optional program used to market and develop Canon products. Click on agree if you want to engage in the study program. If you click on don’t agree, you won’t install the survey program.

Step 10: If a safety software is installed on your desktop, you will see a screen where the block option will appear to be deactivated. Tick the option tag and press next.

Step 11: Check the link method screen in front of you to connect Canon TS3122 Printer to Wi-Fi. To proceed the wireless configuration, click yes.

Step 12: The drivers will be mounted after that, and that will take a great deal of time.

Step 13: Then the alignment screen for the print head will appear before you. Now, in the printer, load simple paper. Click the alignment of the printhead and then press Start. Follow the screen directions carefully.

Step 14: Click Next after completing the printhead alignment.

Step 15: After that, the test print window will appear before you to link Canon TS3122 Printer to Wi-Fi. If you want to print a test, click Start.

Step 16: Click the next step after you have finished sample printing. You can also skip test printing by simply clicking on the next option. The printer will then connect to the system of the computer. This is the default printer, so you need to check the default printer set. The software will be mounted afterwards. Now, click the next one. A number of apps will now be shown in front of you, clicking on next.

Step 17: The software will be mounted and it will take several minutes to link Canon TS3122 Printer to Wi-Fi. A screen that will give you directions on how to set up a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone will appear after that. Click the next one.

Step 18: You will be asked to register your item afterwards. If you decide to register on the spot, you will open a fresh window. Once the registration is finished, the installation can move forward. Another screen will appear before you, then to complete the installation process, click on exit.

Now you are connecting your canon ts3122 wireless setup and canon pixma ts3122 wireless setup and connect canon ts3122 printer to wifi.

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