How to Connect Canon MG3050 Printer to WiFi ?

Connect Canon MG3050 Printer to WiFi:

Take a look at the wireless network guidelines on how to connect your Canon printer. There are some access points with a WPS link button already. This allows an person to directly connect the printer to the router without actually entering the password.

This is a very easy and simple way to connect your equipment. There are two methods you can use the WPS technique to connect the device to the wireless network. One is the technique of PIN and the other is the technique of push buttons.

Up to now, the push button technique is the simplest way to Connect Canon MG3050 Printer to WiFi. If your router does not have a WPS button, an alternative solution that can connect the printer to the internet will be accessible.

Canon Printer WPS Connection Method:

Some of the circumstances you need to follow to use the WPS push button procedure before beginning the process.

  • A physical push button is required for the router. For more data, please take a look at the device’s user guide.
  • The WPA2 safety protocol or Wi-Fi protected access should be used by your network. Most access points are unable to link by using the WPS technique if you use wired equivalent privacy safety technique or if you do not use any safety. Take a look at the wireless link settings on your desktop to get data about what sort of safety technique should one use.

Steps You Need to Follow for Complete Setup:

Step 1: Please make sure the wireless router is within your printer range and click the WPS button.

Step 2: Turn on the router and wait for the light to flash by pressing the wireless button.

Step 3: You will need to press the color button after that to connect my canon mg3050 printer to wifi.

Step 4: Until the light turns on, press the wireless button.

Step 5 of WiFi: Press the color button to start flashing the wireless lamp. Then press the wireless button on the router after two minutes. When you search, the blue light of the wi-Fi will blink and the Wi-Fi light and the power light will blink when you connect the access point.

Step 6: when the wireless network and the printer are connected. After that, both the Wi-Fi and the energy light will stay on but will stop flashing. The network light will also switch on after that.

Connect My Connect Canon MG3050 Printer to WiFi Network Settings Confirmation:

You can remove a print from your printer settings to confirm that your printer is linked to the network.

  • Make sure your printer is turned on.
  • Load a sheet of letter size or sizeA-4.
  • Hold the Wi-Fi button and wait until the Wi-Fi light flashes once and then leave the button.

Press the button for color and then press the Wi-Fi button at least twice in a row.

  • You need to press both black and colored buttons to connect my canon mg3050 printer to wifi.

Then the data page for the network will be printed. You must check that the link is active when you go forward to print out. Also check that the correct SSID name is displayed. This was all about the method for setting up WPS.

Standard Connection Method:

If your access point does not support the WPS function, here are some of the instructions to set up your printer.

If you’re a Windows user, you need to run the setup with the installation disk that came with your printer. If you don’t have an installation disk or you’re using a Mac computer, then you just need to download the Mac software. It will look precisely like this when you download the file: win-mg3000-XXX-n mcd.exe.

Connection for Windows Users:

Step 1: Double-click the download.exe file and open the setup screen to begin.

Step 2 : Software and driver updates will be checked by the software. It will take some time to complete this whole procedure.

Step 3: Select your region and nation, then press the next step.

Step 4: Upon connecting my canon mg3050 printer to wifi, read and accept the conditions set out in the license agreement in the next step.

Step 5: If you are interested in participating in the study program, then choose to agree or you may simply choose not to agree.

Step 6: Make sure the block is ticked to deactivate and then proceed to next.

Step 7: If you have a few seconds to check the printer status screen, it will be shown in front.

Step 8: Choose the link to the wireless LAN and pick next.

Step 9: Make sure the printer is switched on and click next.

Step 10: The software will begin to search for the printers on your network.

Step 11: If your printer is connected to the network already. Choose from the list and then choose the next one. The software will be mounted after that.

Step 12: If, for the very first time, you set up your printer, it will not appear on the list. Please ensure that the network link configuration has been selected according to the manual and then pick next.

Step 13: Using the simple wireless connection method, the configuration manual will open and guide you through the steps to connect to the printer.

Step 14: The software will disconnect your wireless network from the computer system after the necessary settings are produced on the printer. Connect your printer to configure your printer settings directly.

Step 15: When the reconecion is complete, your computer will connect to the wireless network once more.

Step 16: Once the network link is established, click next to proceed the process of installing the software to connect my canon mg3050 printer to wifi.

Step 17: You will register and install the driver software on your desktop. It will take a few minutes to finish this process.

Step 18: If you first set up your printer, the print head alignment is required. To start the process, select perform and follow the instructions on the screen closely. Select next if you have already aligned the printhead.

Step 19: To perform a test print, select execute. Once the printing process is effectively finished.

Step 20: Finally, complete the installation process. To view the list of optionally clicked software next.

Step 21: Choose any extra software you want to install and then choose next.

Step 22: When the extra software is installed, a message pops up to assist you set up your tab or software. To obtain more data on how to configure the machine. Now, press next and go on.

Step 23: Click on next if you want to register your printer. If no, you’ll be able to skip.

If you are unable to Connect Canon MG3050 Printer to WiFi, Dial +1-833-639-7277 for Canon MG3050 Wireless Printer Setup and Connect Canon Pixma MG3050 to WiFi .