Guide to Canon Pixma mg2900 Wireless Printer Setup

Guide to Canon Pixma mg2900 Wireless Printer Setup

This printer caused a lot of pain and frustration to many individuals. It turns out to be fairly simple to set it up, it’s just that there’s really no documentation anywhere.

So, one helpful user lastly shared the measures after several customers were able to effectively set up their Canon MX2920 printer after calling for Canon assistance. Here are the steps: First, we need to connect your printer to the web.

You would normally do this by downloading to your Windows or Mac computer some setup software, but obviously we can’t do that. We’re going to have to use the WPS technique:

Connection Using WPS (PIN code) for Canon mg2900 wireless setup

First, download this app to your Android phone:

Hold the Stop button (A) on the printer until 15 times the Alarm lamp (B) flashes, then release the Stop button after the 15th flash. The data for the wireless connection setting including the PIN code will be printed.

Keep the Stop button on the printer until 16 times the Alarm lamp flashes, then activate the Stop button after the 16th flash.

To set the WPS PIN CODE outlined on the printed Network Configuration Page to the access point, follow the on-screen instructions in the Canon app on your smartphone.

Make sure the printer’s Wi-Fi lamp (C) is illuminated.

Canon mg2900 Setup

After connecting your printer to your network, look again at the page your printer had printed out previously after holding down the stop button for 15 flashes. This website should have an IPv4 IP address.

Enter this IP address in your Chromebook address bar and click enter. (Something like this should look like: 192.168.1. ) A Username and Password will be requested. Use ADMIN as the username and the password canon.

You ought to have access to your printer now. A Google Cloud Print choice will be available. Choose this choice and follow the instructions.

Let us know if it worked for you!

Let us know that too if it didn’t work for you!

If it worked but the instructions had to be tweaked a little bit, let us know!

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