How to Fix Canon Error Code 006?

Canon Error Code 006

The Error Code 006 in Canon Printers, occurs happen when you run the Service Tool. The error may be for various reasons, includes Incompatibility, the incorrect process of entering the service mode, when the printer is not in service mode, Printer driver issue, and printer cartridges, and so on.

Fix Canon Printer Error Code 006

Commonly, the “Service Tool” programs have a purpose or use to reset the print count on the pads while they reach their limit amount. This means it permits you to reset the waste ink pad counter on Canon printers. These are physically a cleaner that is underneath the purge printer (print head cleaner) and system level, it’s set for when you have a large number of pages printed, the printer locks, and request to take support. However, Error Code 006 is not easy to resolve, you have required experts help. Well, here the blog will guide you to very simple steps to Fix Canon Printers Error Code 006 when running Service Tool, so you have required to follow the steps to fix the problem.

Steps to Fix the Error Code 006 in Canon Printers, When Running Service Tool

Step 1:- Confirm Check Cartridges & Connections
  • You should try to check your cartridges because an empty cartridge can lead to error code 006.

  • Also, check the cartridge connectors (copper contacts on the front of the cartridge) and printer connectors, which located also in the front of the head. They must be clean in its entirety parts, which means; they may not have stains of ink or down that can prevent proper operation.

Step 2:- Restart the Service Tool

It’s suggested that when you get the service tool, you should verify that your printer is compatible with the same name as the tool can search compatibility. After you have checked this, still these errors still here, then you have to try to restart the Service Tool. You can take experts help to do this thing.

Step 3:- Check Printer Drivers

In many cases, when you test that everything is working properly or not and the problem still continues, and then you should uninstall and install again the printer drivers, so with the printer off until the software installer asks you to connect it.

Step 4:- Open the Service Tool Again

• Close the service tool.

• Disconnect the USB cable from the printer.

• After 10 seconds, plug back the cable to the printer.

• On Windows, click next when you see the “New device”.

• Then open the service tool.

Step 5:- Troubleshoot Problem via Download the Service Tool
  • First, download and install the Service Tool Canon.

  • Then enter in maintenance mode with the printer by the following way:-

  • Power off the printer

  • Then connect the printer to the central unit with a USB cable.

  • Hold on the “Resume” button (triangle in a circle) et press “Power” button.

  • Now, holds on these two buttons while the led power lights.

  • Then release the “Resume” button, but not the “Power” button, and then press 6-7 times “Resume”.

  • Now, release the two buttons. LEDs will flash, wait until it stops. Now you are in Maintenance Mode.

  • Then run the Service Tool for your Canon printer.

  • Select the right USB port in “USB PORT”

  • In the section “Ink Absorber Counter”, select “Main” option.

  • In the section “Counter Value” (%) select the number the closest of the counter number and hit on “SET” (The counter number is in the section “EEPROM”).

I hope your problem is resolved.

But, if this error code is persisting, then you should connect with techies for immediate help to fix this problem.

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