How to Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500?

If your Canon printer 6700 is showing error code 6500. Or if you have tried switching off, and cleaning the print heads and do many things, but to no avail any conclusion? Then don’t worry about it. Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500 is not such rocket science for printer users, even it can solve efficiently by just trying some troubleshooting solutions. Many users have experienced the same error and easily solve out by applying the easy solutions, that provided by the Canon Printer Support team. Therefore, the Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500 refers to “other hardware error”. This error results from printer hardware failure & nothing much can the user do instead of replacing the malfunctioning hardware. Well, the error code 6500 is a logic board error code. The PCI Bus error is detected by the ASCI. Sounds like it needs a new logic board. But the best suggestion you to, first of all, you can try to reset your printer. Then follow the below mentioned to fix the issue in an easy and efficient manner.

Step to Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500

Solution 1:- Turned On Canon Printer

  • Turn Off the power of the Canon printer with the “Power” button.
  • Then disconnect the data cable from the printer.
  • Next, unplug the Canon printer’s power cord for 11-12 minutes, and then plug it back in.
  • Then turn the Canon printer back on. If this works you’re done, if not try the next step.

Solution 2:- Reset the Canon Printer

  • Open the paper output tray.
  • Then open the top cover and wait until the print head moves to the center.
  • Next, open the inner cover and then verify that ink tanks are properly seated.
  • After verifying the ink tank properly seated, you need to press down on each ink tank until a click is heard.
  • Then close the inner cover and top cover, and then turn the printer off.
  • Power on the printer.

Now try to do your work again and check the error still appear.

If the reset method does not work for you then you go for the new logic board replacement. Take the Canon Printer Customer Support team for immediate help.

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How to Fix canon pixma printer error u163?

It is crucial to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U162 when an error occurs when the printer fails to detect inking level or printer assume that no ink in the cartridge. The Error Code U162 error means that the remaining ink in the cartridge is unknown. This can happen with a new Canon cartridge, that isn’t being read properly by the printer, but is more likely to appear when using a re manufactured Canon cartridge. Even though the re manufactured cartridge has been fully refilled with ink, the chip, which tells the printer how much ink is remaining, can’t be reset. When the code appears on your computer/Printer screen you can’t use print, copy, scan, and fax function. Then it’s recommended for you to clear the Error Code U162 by applying the best troubleshooting solutions, as those recommended by the Canon Printer Customer Service professionals. Follow the given steps to solve the error in an efficient way.

Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U162:-

Solution 1:- Hold the STOP/RESET Button

To clear this error hold the “STOP/RESET” button on your printer for 5-6 seconds or more and the error will clear. Wait until it self-restart. Release the “STOP/RESET” button when the printer is restarting. This process clears the error and you will be able to print or copy again.  Even though the error has been cleared the printer will not display the proper ink levels because the chip in the cartridge cannot be reset.

Solution 2:-Replace Ink Cartridge

When this error occurs means your printer fails to detect inking level or printer assume that no ink in the cartridge. At that time, you can’t use print, copy, scan, and fax function before the problem fixed. It’s recommended for you to replace the ink cartridge. To continue using the printer without replacing the cartridge you must deactivate ink level detection function. Be aware that printing in this condition can damage the printer while sending fax or scan is not a problem.

If this solution is not working to fix the error, then go to the next solution.

Solution 3:- Replace the Void ink Cartridges with OEM Cartridges

Canon Printer Error Code u162 is typically a Check Ink Error that mostly appears on the screen when 1 or 2 ink cartridges inside the printer has run out of ink. To fix Canon Printer Error Code u162, one needs to completely replace the void ink cartridges with OEM cartridges.

I hope your issue will be fixed, after performing the above steps.

But still the error exists, then connect with canon help desk for getting immediate help.

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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 2100?

Canon Printer Error 2100

Canon printers are widely acknowledged for their reliable and incredible performance. But Canon Printer Error Code 2100 is one of such issues that every canon users find really disturbing. Though it is immensely easy to fix Canon Printer Error Code 2100, it really works as an obstacle in your daily routine. Canon Printer Error Code 2100 is typically appears when the paper size in the printer settings is different from the paper size in the tray. This is an ordinary problem and does not require heavy troubleshooting procedure to get rid of it in shortest span of time.

Efficacious Steps to Troubleshoot this Canon Printer Error Code 2100:

In the guided blog post, we have jotted down for you the best solution available to rectify such error as soon as it appears on the display screen. Follow the below mentioned effective steps and deal with this error on your own and resume your daily work without much hassles. To know more about this error and its alternate solutions, you can connect with our Canon Printer Help services through a single call.

Step1: The first and foremost thing you need to do is to determine the size of the paper which is loaded in the printer followed by pressing the OK button on the machine.

Step2: A processing method will be displayed on the LCD screen to select

Step3: After doing so, reload the papers as per necessity and use the buttons to select the processing method. As you are done with the entire process, click on OK button to complete the procedure.

Note: It is important to remember that the printer is unable to determine the width of the paper for the current print job, if “print with fed paper” is selected. To disable it, you need to reset the printer to not to detect paper width using operational panel, the printer driver or remote UI.

Apply the above steps in the exact ascending order to deal with the error in meantime possible.

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How to Fix Canon Printer Error U150?

The Canon Printer Error U150 is an internal error that occurs when a non-Canon ink cartridge is being inserted in the Printer’s replaceable ink cartridge. It is a bit difficult to Fix Canon Printer Error U150 messages, as an unauthorized chip is involved in this error. This error message generally occurs as a precaution against low quality cartridges that can damage the printer.

The Canon Prixma range of Printers are color inkjet printers that are famous for quality and reliability. These printers are interfaced with PCs or MACs that provide us ink, paper and internal error related messages.

Follow the Below Mentioned Steps to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error U150:

If your Canon Printer is showing Error U150 and is rejecting to print your documents, then follow these steps to troubleshoot problem effectively.

Step 1: Cancellation of all Printing Tasks on Your Computer

The first and foremost thing, you need to do is to cancel or remove the entire printing task in the queue on your computer. After doing so, switch off your Canon printer before accessing the ink tray door. The ink try door is basically placed on the top of the printer beyond the paper tray.

Step 2: Removal of Non-Canon Ink Cartridge from the Printer

Replace the non-canon ink cartridge from your printer with a canon one. In order to do, press down the cartridge to raise it up and thus take it out from the printer. For more assistance on how to remove the old cartridge and replace it with new one, you can talk to our Canon Printer Support team.

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Step 3: Placing of Canon Ink Cartridges

After removing the non canon one, place the Canon Ink cartridges inside your Canon printer correctly.

Step 4: Closing the Printer

Now at last press back the printer door to close it and switch on the printer. Your Canon printer will automatically recognize the ink type and reorganize it. Thus the error will be resolved. If the issue still persists. Connect with our experienced technicians to get instant help.

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In case, you still have any queries regarding the error or any other error related to Canon Printer, dial up our Canon Printer Support Number to obtain immediate help. The talented experienced team will resolve every possible query of users instantly through step by step process. they are available 24*7 to assist you to get your errors resolved in the shortest span of time.

How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5012?

Canon Printer Error Code 5012

This error code executes generally on Canon MG5522. When users come across this error code then, it signifies that there is no paper or you have a stuck paper just under the print head, etc. also, users may come across sensor issues while the Canon printer error executes. Below we have two methods to fix Canon Printer Error Code 5012 with a detailed explanation.

Methods to troubleshoot fix Canon Printer Error 5012

Methods 1:  If the printer has an internal hardware issue then, follow the below steps as mentioned
Check just inside the Canon printer for any jam paper and any obstruction is there.

The next thing is to ensure that ink tanks are inserted correctly.
Finally, users are requested to unplug the power cord from the backside of the printer for at-least twenty seconds. Plugin the power cord after twenty seconds and turn the printer back on.
The printer needs to replace if these steps do not solve your problem.

Method 2: If the error is related to the scanner then, follow these steps

It is possible that these things can occur in the MG5522 which can cause this. The first thing is simply to open the cover of the printer to perform a thorough check of ink. Turn on the Canon Printer MG5522 When the ink carriage comes in the middle section, just close the cover. If the error still persists then, it is recommended to go for immediate servicing. Users are advised to have a proper note the ink cartridge is not supposed to move when they have turned on the printer. It needs to be moved manually by turning the wheel in the back so that the paddle can be easily moved back so that the ink cartridge is movable.

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Call us at Canon Printer Customer Support Number to help us assist you in resolving a wide number of issues for Canon printer problems by delivering absolute solutions. We are available 24 hours to bring users one-of-a-kind solution at their desk. Come and explore our solutions right now so that you never miss out on any chance

How To Troubleshoot Canon Printer Paper Jam Issue?

When working with the Canon printer, it is foreseeable that you will some or the other ways encounter a paper jam issue. Here, Canon printer experts will define few easy steps on how to troubleshoot Canon printer paper jam issue. This kind of paper jam issue generally occurs due to number of misplaced paper locations. Though nowadays, most of the modern printers are similar in architecture but you may require making slight modifications depending on the model of the printer purchased.

Steps to Fix Canon printer paper jam issue

Step1: Locate and remove all the stuck papers in the loading tray
  • Remove all the available loose papers in the loading tray.
  • Press the Resume icon which is located on the front of the printer.
  • If the paper jam is found to be absolutely cleared, skip to the “Ensure the printer carriage can move freely” section.
  • Remove any kind of paper which is stuck in the one sheet at a time, starting in the middle.
  • Check for any kind of available pieces of paper.
  • If the paper jam is cleared out completely, skip to the “Ensure the printer carriage can move freely” section again.
  • Clearing the jam from rear of the printer
Step2: Remove the rear access panel
  • First locate the knob or access tab which can be found at the back of the printer or on the panel itself. If it seems to be a knob then try to move it to the “Unlocked” position.
  • Remove carefully the panel and then pull out the jammed paper next.
  • Locate and clear out all the small bits of remaining paper to proceed with the process of removing the Canon printer paper jam issue
  • Replace by securing the rear panel.
Step3: Remove the two-sided printing accessory
  • Press the “release” button on either end of the module at the same time to remove it.
  • Remove the panel and carefully pull out the jammed paper.
  • Locate and clear away any small bits of paper that remain.
  • Push the module back carefully
  • Hit the “button on top” option of the module and then get access to the door.
  • Remove the panel and pull out the Canon jammed paper carefully.
  • Locate and clear away all remaining paper
  • Close carefully the rear module door.
Step4: Pull out the paper under the front cover

If all the previous steps have failed to solve your issues then attempt to remove the jammed paper by simply pulling them out from under the front cover.

Step5: Ensure free move of the ink cartridge
  • Disconnect the printer directly from the power location by unplugging the power cord from the power outlet area.
  • Watch out for some time whether the carriage is moving all the way to the right-hand side of the printer or not. Make sure that you do not force the carriage to move if it’s already stuck to avoid damage to the printer
  • You need to carefully remove the ink cartridge
  • Next try to carefully remove the paper in the loading tray.
  • Remove the two-sided printing feature.
  • Next, you need to rotate the rollers toward the top of the printer for approximately three continuous rotations.
  • Now, replace the ink cartridges carefully.
  • Plug the printer back in and turn it on again.
  • Reload and then test the printer fir further issues

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