How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5700

[Solved] Canon Printer Error Code 5700

Canon Printer Error Code 5700 suggests that there is a need to replace the sheet feeder. This might occur due to broken or damaged gears in the printer or sensor. The ASF can error, which is often said as ASF can sensor error, is widely considered to be Canon Printer Error 5700. The gears are unable to rotate properly when you find an error occurring. That also makes five alternative blinks (SFP) produce a grinding noise.

Resolve Canon Error Code 5700

A printer is an important component for all and is used to get the office job done in most workplaces. But if a printer error happens, it becomes impossible to print on the printer. It’s becoming difficult to make the job simpler without a printer. While Canon Printer falls under a brand that is not easily impacted by overuse, mistakes can occur. This brand is recognized around the globe as one of the leading brands. It is famous because of its best results in the market.

canon error code 5700

Canon Printer must be patched under-trained, qualified, and skilled technicians when it meets with technical failure. You need to call the Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number to use the best support solution in order to communicate with technicians. Canon printer variants such as Laser, Inkjet, and PIXMA, MAXIFY, etc. are available.

A common problem that can occur in a printer is technical errors. This can be overcome when a technological mistake happens. You can use the assistance of the Canon Printer Support team to repair your Canon Printer Error 5700 where the team member is ready to assist at any point in time.

Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error 5700

1 Method: Remove the Cover 

The Left and Right Covers and the Main Case Device, which is the main cover, will be gone.

2 Method: Remove Screws

Next is the removal from the chassis of the 4 mounting screws.

3 Method: Remove the Main unit

You need to delete the Bottom Case Main Unit now.

4 Method: Upside Down the Unit Cover

Try to turn the main unit (upside-down) over and position it on the work surface.

5 Method: Check the ASF Section

First, you need to search the Main Unit ASF section for a gap between the white plastic guide and the chassis. The distance size varies. Complete the steps below even if the distance is not apparent.

6 Method: Remove the Logic Board

The Disk now attaches the necessary cables and removes the base from the Logic Board.

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7 Method: Check Screws 

The 4 mounting screws on the frame (the mounting screws can be located behind the logic board) should be loosened and not removed.

8 Method: Set the Seat

Re-seat the white plastic guide so that the chassis lies flat against it. In the mounting screw opening, the tip of the white plastic guide should rest slightly inside. The distance will no longer be present when the objects are fully settled or seated.

9 Method: Again Fix the Screws

The 4 mounting screws must also be tightened without causing any damage to the plastic guide.

10 Method: Reassemble Printer

Reassemble and retest the printer.

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Canon Printer Support

The above-mentioned troubleshooting will work in the case of any of the scenarios to fix the Canon Error Code 5700. If the issue continues, contact Canon Printer Support Number 24 * 7 to provide you with remote online assistance to address your queries. You can drop an email to the email ID address of customer service or have a live chat with our professional, willing, and experienced technicians. Wait no more and get the right technological support to repair the canon printer error.