How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1403?

Canon Printer Error Code 1403

Have you ever seen Error 1403 in Canon printer? If yes, then you landed on the right page. We have a brief comment on such a Canon printer mistake here, in this article. Only go through this post as some tried and tested methods have been enlisted to fix this problem. Before that, however, you must know the proper reason behind this question. Then take a look below to describe the proper reason. printers being one of the most advanced printing brands can also suffer from unexpected error messages and one among them is Canon Printer 1403 Error .the error code generally appears if the print head is completely damaged. This error usually arises in the Canon MG 6350 model where the type of print head placed inside the printer is incorrect.

Reason for Canon Printer Error 1403

It is most of the suggested to replace it with a brand new one. While this error code appears, it will spell a message which will pop-up as a wrong print head error code 1403, clearly indicating that the print-head has is in a faulty state and needs to be replaced. Below are steps to fix Canon Printer error 1403 with proper explanation. At the moment where the control panel of your Canon Support Code 1403, the problem in most situations is the print head of the printer. If any of the present cartridges is destroyed or the print head is unable to move properly, this error message prompts. Occasionally, an inaccurate print head configuration can also cause this error message to show on the printer.

Resolve Canon Error Code 1403

The easiest way to solve this problem is to contact our support team for Canon printers and they will help you address the printer issues without requiring you to wait for hours in queues. Our technicians in this sector are highly experienced and professional. You can contact them to take care of your printer issues at a time.

Steps to troubleshoot Canon printer 1403 error Online

Since it is most likely a print head issue that arises inside the cartridges located just in the section of the printer, resolving it with the following steps are well recommended:

  • Open the printer and wait for the carriage for few minutes to slide over automatically
    now, remove the ink cartridges straight from the print head section.
  • Users are requested to work with cotton swabs dipped in hot water or maybe a mixture of hot water and isopropyl alcohol should be applied to thoroughly clean the print head. Also, all of its electronic contacts should be cleaned out on each ink cartridge entirely from deep inside.
  • Repeat this step until you find a complete clean-off of all ink residue on the cotton swab.
  • Once finished, wait till it gets dried up and replace the cartridges and check by printing whether the issue still happens to exists or not.

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If the error 1403 in canon printer still continues to exist then, there are two possible reasons and they are:

  • Defective ink cartridges
  • The problem lies in the print head and needs an immediate replacement

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