How to Connect Canon TS3120 Printer to WiFi?

Connect Canon TS3120 Printer to WiFi:

Are you receiving printed papers and images using Canon TS3120 Printer? To use the PIXMA TS series printers for wireless printing or scanning on a Windows or Mac system, make sure the printer is linked to the wireless network and the necessary software drivers and apps are installed on the computer system. This post allows you to Connect Canon TS3120 Printer to WiFi.

The two phases of the Printer Setup Procedure are:

1. Initiate your printer

2 with Easy Wireless Connect. To install the drivers and software on your computer, run the setup file.

Start Easy Wireless Connect on the printer:

Start the Easy Wireless Connect on the printer before installing and setting up the printer drivers on your system, smartphone or tablet computer. You can finish the configuration on your desktop or device once after this. To start the Easy Wireless connection, follow the specified procedure.

• Make sure you are prepared to press the button on the wireless router device.
• Press and hold the Network button on the Printer continuously and release when the WiFi LED light flashes.
• Press and hold the button for 2 minutes on the wireless router.
• Upon connecting the printer to the wireless router, Wifi and network signals will automatically shine.
• Check troubleshooting tips if the alarm lamp is lit.

The TS3120 wireless link configuration is now finished effectively.

Finally, download and continue with the installation process of the application software.

Note: Using the Setup CD-ROM, print setup can also be installed

• For Windows:

click the Setup icon in the task bar, follow the on-screen setup directions.

• For Mac:

Click the Dock Setup icon, follow the on-screen setup directions.

To use the Windows or Mac system printer, you need to download and run the Setup File-Printer setup file. Using Setup CD-ROM, the setup file can also be installed. The setup method is a bit distinct for Windows and Mac, both of which have been discussed below:

For Windows:

Step 1: Click the setup wizard setup option. This enables the printer machine to be used by the computer.

Note: For the full setup wizard, you can set the required language.

Step 2: Choose your home nation or region. If the alternatives do not include your nation, pick Others and press Next button.

Step 3: A permit agreement will be displayed on the screen to use the printer software. After reading the words, click on the Yes button.

Step 4: The screen will now display an expanded survey program. If you agree to begin the survey program installation, select Agree or otherwise disagree with the survey.

Step 5: Firewall Settings are displayed on the next screen. You can disable the block of the firewall and click Next to proceed.

Note: Deactivating this software’s firewall feature as the Windows firewall function in the background is suggested.

Step 6: You can then test the technique of connecting the printer to the wireless router. Click Yes to proceed.

Step 7: The installation wizard will continue to display the list of wireless networks accessible. To connect the printer, select a suitable Wireless router and enter the respective network key.

Note: If your network is not displayed in the list for some purposes, then add it manually. Click Next button again.

The printer wizard load screen appears.

Step 8: Click Next button when the link is finished.

Step 9: You can conduct the Head Alignment and Print screen test to verify the efficiency of the printer.

Step 10: You can also pick and install with your printer any optional application software and press the Next button.

Now the software is mounted and the configuration of the printer is complete.

For Mac:

Step 1: Start the installation wizard and click on the first screen of the Next choice. This will install the necessary Helper tool for installation activities.

Step 2: Enter the username and password for the fresh Helper instrument to be installed. Click the option Install Helper.

Step 3: Click the Start button to allow the printer to be used by the device.

Step 4: Select a suitable region or residence place and click Next button.

Step 5: Carefully read the License Agreement and if you acknowledge the contract, press Yes button.

Step 6: Select Agree or disagree with the Program for Extended Survey. It will take some time to verify the status of the printer.

Step 7: Check the status of the connection and click Yes if the right router data is displayed.

Step 8: Select the wireless router you want to link to your printer on the next screen of the wizard and enter the respective network password.

Step 9: Complete network connection, press Next button. Installation of the driver will now take place.

Step 10: Next, on the Add Printer screen, press the Add Printer button.

Step 11: Select the Canon TS series from the Add screen and pick AirPrint or Secure AirPrint from the Use box.

Step 12: On the Add Printer screen, click Next.

Step 13: Optional application software can be added or installed and press the Next button.

Step 14: Finally, as the setup completes effectively, press the Exit button.

If you are unable to Connect Canon TS3120 Printer to WiFi? Dial +1-855-455-1176 for Canon TS3120 Wireless Printer Setup, Connect Canon TS3120 Printer to Wireless Network

How to Setup Canon TS3120 Wireless Printer?

Setup Canon TS3120 Wireless Printer :

There are some things you need to do before you use your canon ts3120 wireless printer for printing or scanning purposes. The apps and drivers must first be installed on the desktop. Then you need to link to a wireless network with your laptop.

Some of the guidelines you need to follow to Setup Canon TS3120 Wireless Printer are given below.

The entire configuration procedure is divided into two sections. These include:

• Easy Wireless Connect

• Running and downloading the software and driver installation setup file

Part 1: Start Easy Wireless Connect

Before setting up your tab, smartphone or computer system, the easy wireless connection on your system needs to be started first. After that, the process of Setup Canon TS3120 Wireless Printer on your device or computer system can be completed.

Step 1: If the light of your printer flashes, press the Stop button.

Step 2: Press and hold down the button directly on your printer. Until it begins flashing, do not release the button.

Step 3: Make sure the horizontal bars on the screen also flash.

Step 4: Go to the Setup Application screen and finish the setup procedure to set up canon ts3120 wireless printer now.

Part 2: Download Setup File

Step 1: To set up canon ts3120 wireless printer first, go to installation and pick it.

Step 2: Select the correct area and click next.

Step 3: The license agreement is now opening up before you. If you agree, click yes.

Step 4: If the study comes up, choose to agree or disagree.

Step 5: Click Next to set up canon wireless printer ts3120 afterwards.

Step 6: Go to yes on the screen of the link technique.

Step 7: You will attach your printer to the wireless router if you select a wireless router screen. Enter the network password after that and click Next.

Step 8: Open the window of the Wireless Router. Whether the screen will open or not depends on the router and its configurations.

Step 9: At last, the network link is full. Select the next one after that.

Step 10: After that, the test print and head alignment screen will open. If you want to do these trials, then follow the

Step 11 screen directions: the software installation list will now be opened in the next step. Tick label any application you’d like to install.

Step 12: Next click and lastly exit click.

If you are unable to Setup Canon TS3120 Wireless Printer, Dial +1-855-455-1176 Toll-Free for Canon TS3120 Wireless Printer Setup and Connect Canon TS3120 Printer to Wifi

How to Connect Canon IP7240 Printer to WiFi?

Connect Canon IP7240 Printer to WiFi

Many access points are sometimes referred to as (routers or hubs) it is a feature of an automatic connection button with a “WPS” label (Wi-fi protected configuration). It is feasible to connect authorized equipment such as PIXMAiP7240 to the network without the need to enter a password. This allows you to remove the fast and simple technique of connecting your equipment.

It’s a very easy way to connect your ip7240 canon printer to wifi if there’s a WPS access point button then you need to pick the’ WPS Connection Method’ below to use this method to connect. If router does not support WPS, alternative instructions are available for connecting Canon PIXMAiP7240 printer. Choose the’ Standard Connection Method ‘ tab, kindly.

WPS Connection Method:

Conditions for matching WPS push button method that we should take care of before starting: A device user manual would be useful to you as it includes directions for performing any kind of activities well.

  • A physical WPS button to be pushed must be available to the access point. For details, you need a correct guidance check with the user guide for your device.
  • You must use WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 safety protocol as an active user. Most access points enabled by WPS will not communicate using the WPS technique when using the safety technique of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is used or no security is allowed. Would you like to have a detailed instruction version? Check your computer’s wireless connection settings.

Below are the steps to follow in connecting Canon ip7240 Printer to Wi-Fi:

Step 1: Printer must be switched on.

Step 2: Hold and click the Wi-Fi button for a few seconds on the front of the printer.

Step 3: By pressing the button you must be sure of blue flash and then press[ WPS] button within 2 minutes.

Step 4: For exact details of the WPS button, refer to the access point manual.

Step 5: Blue light keeps flashing while searching or linking to the access point. When the printer connects to the wireless network, the blue lamp stops flashing and stays illuminated.

Network Setting Confirmation Regarding How to Connect Canon ip7240 Printer to WiFi:

Connect Canon ip7240 Printer to WiFi To confirm your wireless network printer link, network settings can be printed from your printer:

  • Make sure your printer is switched on.
  • A4 sheet or letter-sized plain paper must be loaded.
  • Press and hold the resume / cancel button until the energy bulb flash is released six times.
  • The network data page for connecting the ip7240 model to Wi-Fi will then be printed.
  • Check the “connection” for “Active” and the Service Set Identifier SSID (the name of your wireless network) for the correct name of your wireless network when referring to the printout.
  • This entire operation will conclude the WPS configuration.
  • Install the software to make the most of your PIXMAiP7240 now.
  • If the installation CD that comes with your product is not available, you can download the manuals and software from the PIXMA range page.
  • If you still don’t have your wireless setup after following the guide, please contact the help line so you can connect the ip7240 printer to Wifi.

Standard USB connection method: 1st step: Insert your CD with your printer to run the setup.

Windows User:

If the “Setup CD-ROM” is not running automatically, insert the CD-ROM again into your computer and click (My Computer), select the CD-ROM and double-click[ MSETUP4.EXE].

Windows 8 users:

[ Canon IJ] is double-clicked. Double-click the[ MSETUP4.EXE] after the selection window is opened.

Note: Double-click on the icon of[ Canon IJ] mounted on your desktop for those using MAC. After opening the selection window, click[ setup] to begin the download connection for the software.

PIXMAiP7240 Wireless Standard:

This is a driver that should give your selected model complete operational workout. It also enables you to set up your printer for wireless printing and scanning. We also recommend installing My Image Garden software for improved person skills. Within the CD provided with your very first product, a variation of this regular driver might have been involved.

If you are unable to Connect Canon IP7240 Printer to WiFi, Dial +1-855-455-1176 for Canon IP7240 Wireless Printer Setup and Connect Canon Pixma IP7240 Printer to WiFi

How to Connect Canon ip8720 Printer to WiFi?

Connect Canon ip8720 Printer to WiFi

Here you’ll learn how to set up your ip8720 printer Wi-Fi connection. Before Connect Canon ip8720 Printer to WiFi. First, make sure your PC is linked to the internet is essential for you.

Here’s a Few Things You Need to Notice About Network Connection:

  • Security settings for network devices, installation processes, router features, and configurations may vary depending on the setting your system is in. You can consult the router manual for more data. You can also call their maker for further help if you want.
  • If this is an office configuration, look at the network administrator.
  • Make sure your network is secured. Otherwise, your private data may be accessed by unauthorized parties.
  • On the same network should be your computer and printing machine.

Installing Software: You must install the printers and software on your computer’s hard disk to use the printer linked to your computer system. The time it takes for drivers to install depends on the environment of your computer.

Important Points:

  • Log in to connect canon ip8720 printer to Wi-Fi as a member of your management group.
  • Close all apps you used before setup.
  • In the center of the setup operation, do not alter customers.
  • To install the software, you must have an online link. You may also have to pay for link fees.
  • To finish the software setup, you will need to reboot the computer system. After restarting the laptop, perform the directions on the screen.

Once your system is restarted, the installation method will resume.

If you switched on your computer’s firewall feature, a warning message will appear on the screen saying that Canon software is attempting to access the network. When such a message appears, click on allow access.

The software must be mounted on your desktop to set up your PIXMA iP8720.

Connect Canon ip8720 Printer to WiFi Carry Out These steps to execute your computer’s setup process:

  • Go to the JI setup page.
  • Follow the directions in the product setup section carefully, download now.
  • Open the.dmg file now.

The setup procedure will be began automatically. The cableless installation method instructions will appear. You don’t need to understand your network name in this sort of configuration, nor do you need to understand the password. You don’t need to use a USB wire to link your machine to the printer.

Once the setup is started, follow the on-screen instructions. Now, select Network Connection.

  • From the configuration security screen, select cableless protection.
  • Hold the Wi-Fi button on your computer now to connect the ip8720 printer to the wifi and press until the energy light flashes twice in a row.
  • Now pick next to the link via the cableless configuration screen.
  • The setup list of the software will open before you. Want to install the software, then click Next.
  • Follow the screen’s directions. Click OK when the dialog box to complete the configuration opens on the screen.
  • Follow the screen directions now. Choose Add Printer when the screen opens the Add Printer panel.
  • Select Canon ip8700 with Canon IJ network now. Now, press the Add button.
  • Open the printer screen, press the Next button.

The Connect Canon ip8720 Printer to WiFi process tis now complete.

If you are unable to Connect Canon ip8720 Printer to WiFi, Dial +1-855-455-1176 Canon Pixma ip8720, ip8750, ip8700 Wireless Printer Setup and Canon ip8720 Wifi Setup Mac, Windows .

How to Connect Canon MG3650 Printer to WiFi

Connect Canon MG3650 Printer to WiFi

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a feature on some routers that allows you to connect automatically. If a device has a WPS button, it can connect to the network without having to enter a password. As a result, the WPS approach provides a simple way to connect an access point to the network. How to Connect Canon MG3650 Printer to WiFi? There are two additional methods to connect the device to the wireless network under the WPS technique. These two techniques are the technique of PIN and the technique of push buttons. The pushbutton technique is the simplest way of connecting the equipment so far. Now, using this technique, we will connect the device. You can use an alternative technique to link your printer to the network if there is no WPS button on your access point.


Canon PIXMA Printer MG3650 Wireless Connection Setup –

What is the best way to connect my Canon printer to the internet? Setup a Wireless Connection Some entry points (also known as routers or hubs) have an automated connection button labelled “WPS,” which stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup.” This enables authorised equipment, such as your Canon PIXMA MG3650, to connect to your network without the need to input a password, and it will do so automatically allow a rapidly and straightforward method of connecting your products.

This is the simplest method of connecting your Printer MG3650 Wireless, therefore if your entry stage includes a WPS button, select the ‘WPS Connection Method’ tab beneath for instructions on connecting utilising this method. If your router does not support WPS, we have provided options for connecting your Canon PIXMA MG3650, so please choose one.

How To Guide Canon mg3650 Wireless Setup

WPS Connection Method: There are certain conditions that must be met before beginning the process to use the push button method.

  • A physical push button is required for the router. Look at your device’s user guide to check out the information.
  • You should have WPA2 or WPA safety on your network. You will not be prepared to use the WPS technique if WEP safety is activated. Look at your PC’s wireless link settings to find out which technique of safety you can use on your Wi-Fi.

Step by Step Canon PIXMA MG3650 Wireless Printer Setup Guide:

Step 1: First of all, check that your printer is switched on and your router has a physical WPS button that you can press whenever required.

Step 2: Press and hold on your printer the Wi-Fi button. Press the button until the B lamp begins to flash.

Step 3: Press the button black and the button Wi-Fi. Check whether or not your Wi-Fi light is blinking fast. Make sure the blue light is lit right next to the Wi-Fi button.

Step 4: When you search, the blue light will flash continuously. When you try to connect it to the router, both the power and the Wi-Fi light will flash. Once your printer is successfully connected to the network, Wi-Fi and power lights will stop flashing and stabilize.

Step 5: Carefully check for both on and stable blue and green light.

Network Settings Confirmation: You can bring a printout of the network settings if you want to verify that the printer is linked to the Wi-Fi effectively.

  • Make sure your printer is switched on.
  • Load two sheets of A-4 size into your printer’s input cabinet.
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the light begins to flash and then the button is released.
  • Press the Wi-Fi button and then print the network settings.

Check if the connection is active when you are about to print out. It also displays the name of the wireless network as the right one.

Standard Windows Computer Connection Method: Follow these measures to connect your printer to the wireless network if your router does not have a physical WPS button. Insert the disk that came with your printer for windows users. You should download the software if you don’t have a CD that arrived with your printer.

What are the steps to Connect Canon mg3650 Wifi Setup?

Step 1: Click on start configuration when the setup screen opens in front of you.

Step 2: The software will collect and begin downloading the recent driver data. This will take a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Choose your region and country, then choose Next.

Step 4: Now you will see the license agreement section on the screen. If you would like to acknowledge the conditions of the license agreement, select yes.

Step 5: To participate in the expanded study program, select Agree. If not, click the Do not agree button.

Step 6: Click Next to activate the process of installing the wizard.

Step 7: Select Wireless LAN, then select Next.

Step 8: Choose a wireless network connection and then choose Next.

Step 9: Make sure to turn on your printer and click Next.

Step 10: The software will start detecting the network printers. It will take some time. So wait until you detect your device.

Step 11: Choose it from the “printers on your network” list window after connecting your printing device to the network and pick Next.

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Step 12: Check that “setting printer on the list can not be discovered” is selected and pick Next.

Step 13: The Printer Setup Guide will open and assist you connect your printer to the network using the “Connect via Cableless Setup” method. To connect your printer to the network, follow the directions on the screen. Then press Subsequently.

Step 14: Searching for the printer will start the configuration. The weblink will stay disabled while the printer unit is being discovered by the configuration.

Step 15: When the configuration is complete, select Next.

Step 16: Install and download network instruments and MP drivers.

Step 17: Wait for the completion of the configuration now.

Step 18: If you first install the printer, it is suggested to do the printhead alignment. Click on Next. To get more data, take a look at the guide.

Step 19: To perform a test print, click on execution or click Next.

Step 20: Select the software from the list you would like to install and select Next. If you’re unsure about downloading the software, then there’s nothing to worry about as you can uninstall the software later.

Step 21: To register the printer, select Next. If not, press the Skip button.

Step 22: Upon completion of the setup, click Exit.

If you are unable to Connect Canon MG3650 Printer to WiFi, Dial +1-855-455-1176 for Canon PIXMA MG3650 Wireless Printer Setup and Fix Canon mg3650 won’t connect to wifi.

How to Fix Canon MX328 Printer Error 6000 ?

Fix Canon MX328, MX922 Printer Error 6000

Canon printers are quite popular Worldwide due to its exclusive printing features at low cost. But technical devices are pretty much unpredictable because of the sudden technical glitches. Many Canon printer users have reported about the Canon MX328 Printer Error 6000 till now. And eliminating this error is not that easy without a proper technical guidance.

In this regard, our Canon Printer Support team has come up with a detailed information on this matter. Before resolving the problem, you need to know the basic reasons behind it. Here, you will get all the information regarding this error code and get some effective solutions as well. So let’s begin with it.

Canon Printer Error 6000

What Does Canon MX922 Printer Error 6000 Mean?

As soon as the error code appears, you might not understand the exact cause of this problem. In order to introduce you to the error, we have given all the necessary details you need to know. This error code clearly means that there is some issue with the Line Feed (LF) of your printing device.

Check out the primary causes of this error:

  • Scratched or smeared Line Feed can be a possible reason.
  • The defective sensor unit can also be another cause of this error.
  • Possibly a foreign object or some small particle is stuck in the LF drive.

Fix Canon MX328 Printer Error 6000 In Canon MP620 Printer With These Easy Steps

In order to eradicate this error code completely from your Canon printer, our Canon Technical Support team has provided a few effective solutions. You can apply them carefully on your device and check if they fix this problem for you.

  1. The first thing you need to do is, clean your Line Feed with a non-corrosive solution.
  2. Check for the debris or foreign particle that might be stuck at the printer Line Feed (LF). Remove the object carefully from your device and look for the existence of the error.

In case the error still persists, you try out the following instructions from below.

Restart Your Canon Printer

Power off your Canon printer and take out the plug from the wall socket. Now plug it back again and check if the error is gone. If the error still persists, try out the other methods.

Update Your Canon Printer Drivers

If your outdated printer drivers are the reason behind this problem, you should update your printer driver immediately. Uninstall the current printer driver and restart your device to install the latest printer drivers on your system.

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Dial Canon Printer Support Number +1-855-455-1176 for Instant Help


If you are still struggling with the Canon MX328 Printer Error 6000 and Canon MX922 Printer Error 6000, reach out to our Canon printer support team. Keeping your convenience in mind, we have made our services constantly available to you. You can approach us for help via any of these options as per your preference.

Give Us A Call

You can give us a call straightaway at our Canon helpline number and talk to us regarding your printing trouble. We hold a constant phone line number to provide round the clock assistance to you.

Write To Us Via Live Chat

On the other hand, you can also choose to connect with us through our Canon live chat support portals. Get immediate assistance from our tech experts via live communication.

Send Us An Email

In case you find our Canon Customer Service busy, drop us an email anytime. You just have to mention your exact query and we will get back to you shortly with the right solutions.

Therefore, reach us today and find instant help from our end. We are here to fulfill all your printing requirements and make your experience better with the printers.

How to Troubleshoot Canon MX922 Print Head Errors?

Since the inception of printers, it has seen a lot of changes and it continues to do so till date. Canon is known for producing high performing and top quality printers over the years. One such printer is the Canon MX922. It is the all-in-one printer due to the range of features it provides to users. However, with all its great features, there are issues which creep in from time to time. One common issue that the users often complain about is the Canon MX922 Print Head.

This print head issue is also known as the printer 1403 error. This error message usually appears when the users attempt to print. You may receive a message pop up which says the printer is not installed properly. Also, an incorrect printer message may also display which indicates the print head may not be compatible with your printer.

Canon MX922 Print Head

Probable reasons for the Canon MX922 Print Head Issue

Here is a list of some of the common causes which result in the malfunctioning of the MX922 printer head.

  • Usually, when the print head is not properly installed in the printer, it leads in the print head not working as expected.
  • The print head problems can also occur due to an internal error in the printer or the print head.
  • The MX922 print head 1403 is an indication that the print head might be incorrect. It is probably not compatible with your printer.

These are some of the common causes which result in this issue. However, there are multiple ways you can fix Canon Printer 1403 Error.

Excellent tricks to Fix the Print Head bugs

The error 1403 is usually a symptom of an internal error in the printer. Here are a couple of tried and tested methods which will likely resolve the issue occurring in your print head.

Method 1: Replace the Ink Cartridge

  • First of all, open up the printer and wait until the cartridge slides over.
  • Now take out the cartridges from the printer and begin the cleaning process.
  • With the use of cotton dipped in hot water, clean the print head properly. Make sure to clean the other electronic portions in the ink cartridge as well.
  • Keep repeating this process until the time there is no drop of ink coming off the ink cartridge.
  • Allow the printer to dry out after this.
  • Finally, replace the cartridges and print something from the printer now.

Method 2: Resolving Internal Issues in the Printer

  • To begin this troubleshooting method, first of all, power on the Canon printer.
  • Next, Open up the paper tray and pull up the scanning unit. Once done, the print head will advance into a replacement position.
  • After this, open the inner cover and remove the ink tank by simply pressing the tabs of the tanks.
  • Lift up the of the print head lock lever and then slightly tilt the print head towards the front side of the print and then take it out with care.
  • After doing the previous step, progress by putting the print head in the canon mx922 software holder area.
  • Insert back the ink tanks in the printer properly and close the scanning cover appropriately.
  1. Finally, try to print something from your printer.

Hope above methods are likely to fix your print head error 1403 error. If the problem persists, then the printer requires service.

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Dial Canon Printer Support Number USA +1-855-455-1176 (toll-free):-


Canon MX922 is a delicate printer which performs several printing tasks with high-quality output. Hence, if the Canon Mx922 error still exists, then avail expert help from the printer experts at Canon Customer Service.

We have a bunch of highly experienced technical professionals who are equipped with all the knowledge related to Canon printers. They will ensure your issue is resolved quickly. Get in touch with our experts anytime by calling in our toll-free Canon printer helpline number and receive suitable solutions to your errors.

You may also email us your queries or inquire for quick doorstep service details at our mail id. Customer satisfaction is our priority and this is why we are constantly providing support in a 24×7 manner. In terms of servicing, we offer top quality service to our customers at a very affordable rate. The motto of our support executives is to provide you with accurate solutions to fix the issues on a long-term basis.

How To Fix Canon Printer Not Responding?

Is your Canon Printer not Responding Struggling to cope up with the situation? Unaware of the steps to fix the issues on your own? Stop worrying as we have brought exclusive solutions to troubleshoot your printer problems instantly.

If you’re looking for a manual on How to Fix Canon Not Responding Printer? Then I’m going to assist with that. A printer is a easy tool to assist you print any document you need. If you want to print something, you’re not going to have to wait and get the print with the printers this moment. Printers make it very easy for our lives.

Fixed : Canon printer Not responding error

If you read some document on the A4 size paper piece, this paper comes from a printer. These printers sometimes have problems and they’re stopping working. In these printers, some technical problems emerge under which these printers cease to work. Today I will inform you about the issue of Canon Printer Not Responding and what measures can be taken to resolve this issue.

What to Do When Canon Printer Not Responding:

Many customers have come up with this issue, saying that sometimes their Canon printers stop answering and temporarily stop responding and doing anything. The printers will stop printing and will not react to the instructions of customers.

It should be observed that this is a easy mistake and that the printer does not answer the problem. Many times, this is how printers act, and these problems can be caused by problems that cause the printer to fail. If you can’t fix this issue, I will fix it for you.

Here’s the Canon Printer Not Responding Solution:

Step 1: First, the installation button must be found. On the Canon Printer, the installation button is put. If this button is searched, this button is present in the printer’s function panel.

Step 2: Then you need to search for the simple installation choice via the setup button.

Step 3: You need to click ok after that.

Step 4: You now have to select Access Point and search for all access points.

Step 5: Search for your preferred access point after that. Then you need the Wi-Fi password to connect your printer via which Wi-Fi.

Step 6: Then click on OK Step 7: Then you will need to locate the setup disk and then you will need it on your PC.

Step 8: You now have the choices to set up the printer. Run this configuration and then connect to your printer with your phone.

Step 9: Go to Easy Install and tap the Install option afterwards. Then you need to locate the Network Printer option and freshly loaded websites. If that choice is a Yes, you must go to the troubleshooting option.

Step 10: You need to begin the printer setup after that. Then you have to take some time to finish the process.

Check for the printer test print after full setup and see if the printer is working correctly.

Did you find the steps helpful? Is your printer still not responding? Without thinking much, seek our expert assistance.

Canon Printer Support Number +1-855-455-1176 For Help:-


If you encounter technical glitches with your Canon printer, feel free to contact us at our Canon Printer Support Number for instant help. Our skilled professionals are experienced to resolve your printer problems in no time.

If you are unable to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding Error, Dial +1-855-455-1176 to What to do when Canon Printer is not responding in Windows 10, 8.1, 7

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